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Mind with Heart Robotics Co., Ltd.

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Mind with Heart Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in February 2021. Aiming to be the World’s leading provider of virtual and embodied biomimetic robotics for affective, or/and rehabilitation companionships, the company has developed several emotional companion robots with highly biomimetic human appearances, and obtained several Chinese patents in affective computing, smart sensors and biomimetic mechanical structures. With a great market potential, such companion robots will provide not only physiological companionship for the adult sex market, but also emotional companionship for the lonely individuals, and rehabilitation companionship for special groups such as dementia elders, autistic children, and depressed adults.
The core R&D and management team of the company comes from the University of Sheffield/Nottingham, King's University of London, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc. In the last ten years, the team has successfully developed more than 10 different types of socially interactive robots.

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