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Package Type (Price per 12 square meter)

Shell Scheme

Price:USD 4,700 (@12 square meter)

Package included:wall partition, simple furniture (1 information counter, 2 folding chairs and 2 Longarm spotlight), carpet, 1 electricity (500W) and foamboard fascia

Raw Space (min. 48 square meter)

Price:USD 4,200 (@12 square meter)

Package included:Display Space, Carpet


Premium Booth Design (optional)  

Not satisfied with the original design? 
Have a look at the premium designs and make your booth even more attractive! 

Below are some examples for you, contact the organizer for cost, details & more designs!


Interested please don't hestiate to contact us at [email protected] or (852) 2528 0062 for more exhibiting and marketing opportunities !

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