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ZhongShan JiuZhenYuan Technology Co.Ltd

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Zhongshan jiuzhenyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating professional design, development, production and sales of adult products and massage health care products. At present, the company has an original independent brand angel and a first-class design team. The product design direction is mainly medium and high-end products with the concept of health, comfort and fashion, It pleases modern women and their partners with a romantic atmosphere of simplicity and beauty.
Angift meaning is given by the angel, is one of the private goods brand created for love of Zhongshang Jiuzhenyuan technoiogy company, embodies the devout love for life and broad humanism spirit, constantly create product value and brand height, respect for taste, give love freedom, with comfortable use experience, create Angift products chic and elegant grade. The meticulous spirit runs through every product of Angift, and Angift constantly transcends itself and is about the pursuit of love and beauty, without end.

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