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The Future of Ultimate Pleasure: VR Adult Entertainment

The forum will highlight the newest opportunities within the rapidly evolving adult entertainment business, with an emphasis on the cutting edge of interactive technology, virtual reality.

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Featured Topic

Human Sexuality in the Age of Singularity

Speaker: Ms. Ayaka Hahn (ImagineVR, CEO & Founder, USA)

Adult industry so often led the application side of many of our technological revolutions. It's $100B global market contributes to a powerful economical bottom-up. 

This session talks about the current market situation in adult industry, especially how the IoT, Robot, AI and VR are emerging it's market, and how this industry can contribute to solving a human sexuality issues in the society among elderly, disabled and others with limited opportunity.

Dogma VR presents Bizarre VR - Enter the realm of senses in immersive adult industry

Speaker: Mr. Gianluigi Perrone (Polyhedron VR Studio, CEO & Creative Director, Italy)

Dogma VR is a ideologic Manifesto of practical rules for the creation of the Pure Cinematic Immersive Experiences. A narrative and production method that explores the access of senses into an artificial universe.
Bizarre VR is a Virtual Reality live fictional project for adults, introducing the user to the most realistic emotions in the world of sexuality, creating a journey over the bounderies of intimacy.

Trend of VR Adult Entertainment

Speaker: Mr. Scotty Velvet (VR Pimp, USA)

The VR for adult entertainment user experience has improved significantly over the past 2 years, but the quality of the product has been rather slow in it’s development. Adult content producers have been working hard to overcome the many unique challenges that a new technology like VR often presents. While many issues with product quality have been resolved, there are still many more hurdles that remain. The ultimate goal is to create a user experience that closely resembles a real-life sexual encounter. New filming techniques and the incorporation of interactive devices are helping to make that dream a reality.

Why The World Needs Killer VR Porn

Speaker: Michelle Flynn (Director, lightsouthern.com, Australia)

The speaker will talk about how VR Porn can benefit the growth of the adult industry and how to make consumers understand how cool it really is.

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