AAE Future Adult Entertainment Forum

The only professional industrial forum in Asia Pacific – “Future Adult Entertainment” forum will be held concurrently to highlight the latest opportunities from the evolving adult entertainment business emphasizing on the cutting-edge virtual innovation market, healthcare, marketing trend and in different countries. It will definitely stimulate interaction among international industry insiders and latest market information will be provided to participants.

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2018 Forum Schedule

Updates As of 14 Aug 2018

Featured Topic

Top Trends in the Global Pleasure Product Industry

Speaker: Mr. Samir Saraiya (Founder of That’s Personal.com, India)

Samir Saraiya is the founder of ThatsPersonal.com, India’s premiere sexual health & wellness website, which is the pioneer of the pleasure product business in India. Samir has worked with global technology giants like Microsoft & Yahoo and is ranked among the Top 25 Most Talented E-commerce Professional in India by CMO Asia.

ThatsPersonal.com has received an award for the ‘Most Innovative E-commerce Company’ by E-Tailing India in 2015.

PERINEUM & PLEASURE: How Active Perineal Rehabilitation protocol can treat sexual dysfunctions

Speaker:  Ms. Laira Ramos (Physical Therapist, Idealizer and Owner of PERINEUM, Brazil)

I chose to work in the field of urogynecology when I started university at Universidade Estadual de Londrina (Londrina State University) in 2002 and I have been involved in several traineeships since then. My father and sister strongly influenced my career choice as both of them are gynecologists and have always encouraged me. After graduating in 2005, I specialist exclusively in Pelvic Floor Muscles Rehabilitation and continually keep up-to-date with the best and latest treatments, practices, and procedures for my patients.

I love what I do and I work hard to balance my practice, my courses, and my study and research. Part of my work is dedicated to increasing awareness of this area. I organize and promote several talks to inform the general population and healthcare professionals about the importance of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.

AR, VR & Next-Gen SexTech 

Speaker: Mr. Scotty Velvet (VR Pimp, USA)

The VR for adult entertainment user experience has improved significantly over the past 2 years, but the quality of the product has been rather slow in it’s development. Adult content producers have been working hard to overcome the many unique challenges that a new technology like VR often presents.

While many issues with product quality have been resolved, there are still many more hurdles that remain. The ultimate goal is to create a user experience that closely resembles a real-life sexual encounter. New filming techniques and the incorporation of interactive devices are helping to make that dream a reality.